TORQUE HINGE (Friction Hinge)

Introduction to torque hinges

A Torque hinge offers frictional resistance to the pivoting motion. Ex: Your laptop screen. While traditional hinges wear out and loosen. Sugatsune torque hinges have increased friction between surfaces to hold the open end motionless, achieved through clever use of a second friction producing material incorporated into it. This implies consistency, high resistance to motion and long cycles of operation.

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Its types and specification.

The most important parameter would be the length of the panel. The torque calculator takes the sting out of calculations. Also, these hinges can be used in multiples to provide the requisite torque. Torque is measured in kgf/cm. This means a panel weighing 2 kg and 25 cm wide needs a 50kgf/cm hinge.

The STFH stainless steel torque hinge has torque values of 5 to 58kgf/cm. Excellent control is achieved with very little spring-back or movement from the position placed. This hinge is popular in manufacturing and industrial units.

The HG-IT made from SS is used for applications needing a torque rating of up to 70kgf/cm. They are used in VDU’s and instrument panels as they come with a phosphor-bronze friction collar. Plastic covered models are also available.

The HG-TA friction hinge is best suited for installations on doors and panels requiring them at opposite ends. The two new additions HG-T30S15 and HG-T70S30 made waves allowing monitors to have flexible tilt and rotation combined in it.

Sugatsune as a torque hinge manufacturer has a diverse range of torque hinges also know as friction hinge for special applications. Damped hinges, detent hinges, and their use led to further innovation where the torque hinge/friction hinge acts as a stay and a hinge at the same time.

With a Corporate office in Mumbai Sugatsune also specializes in Handles, Dampers, Knobs, Pulls, Latches, Catches, Hinges, Locks, Brackets, Stays, Leveling Glides, Hooks, Door Track, Casters, Linear Guides, and Drawer Slides. These compatible with global standards high-quality hardware are used globally by renowned Aerospace manufacturers (Defense, Space, and Aviation), and for Non-Aerospace applications like medical, furniture, industrial, and architectural among others.

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