Stainless Steel Slides

Stainless steel slides

SS slides are the obvious solutions when it comes to drawers and the opening and closing of them. Drawers and bins are largely used to store contents that at times may be very heavy and cumbersome to operate.

Stainless steel slides have bearing assemblies, flat slides and spacer slides with light- weight aluminum carriage plates and flange clamps to make their extension easy, friction-free and precise. Special surface treatment provides better corrosion resistance than normal stainless steels, especially for food processing equipment.

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Different types of stainless steel slides.

The Sugatsune range of stainless steel slides come in the following categories.

  • Full extension drawer slides
  • ¾ extension drawer slides
  • Soft close drawer slides
  • Linear Slides

Food processing, scientific equipment, kitchens, warehouses, depots, and containers use SS slides for the various bins because they are

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Have low friction.
  • Have a smooth and precise movement.
  • Last longer and have a great operating cycle life.
  • Anti rust and anti-corrosive.

It uses and Sugatsune as a Stainless steel slide manufacturer.

Since 1930 when Sugatsune was established in Tokyo, a variety of innovations in stainless steel drawer slides was worked upon. Our range is designed for cabinet hardware and includes invisible door hinges, Détente hinges, door handles, sliding doorlatches, magnetic catches and more.

The Sugatsune tradition of innovation and manufacturing of high-quality cabinet hardware has been adored by various sectors like Aerospace manufacturers (Defense, Space, and Aviation), Non-Aerospace applications like medical, furniture, industrial, and architectural applications among others.

Architects, builders, designers, and clients trust Sugatsune to innovate and provide the right choice of slides which are renowned for quality and reliability. In India, we operate from a Corporate office in Mumbai to bring you the best of over 6000 hardware items from our stables. No matter what the need be you are sure to find it with us when it comes to hardware.

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