Lift assist hinges

What is a Lift assist hinge?

A lift assist hinge is used on heavy doors and lids and is a mechanism to assist in lifting weights.

Where is it used and its applications?

The Lift assist hinge is used in many varied applications. Just think of the aircraft overhead cabins. It is an ideal choice for heavy and large-sized lids, doors etc on analyzing devices, containers, garage doors and so on. It empowers the lifting of a heavy flap and uses very little hand-power. You can even operate it with a single-hand freeing up the hands of the busy user for other chores.

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Sugatsune as a lift assist hinges manufacturer.

Lift assist hinge HG-PA200, Heavy duty spring loaded lid stays S-AT02W, and Stainless steel lift assists hinge HG-JH210 are some of Sugatsune’s popular and globally acclaimed hinges. Again, when it comes to specially designed hinges, Sugatsune is a market leader in innovation and have 9 decades experience in manufacturing them for clients whose applications lie in Aerospace manufacturers (Defense, Space, and Aviation), Non-Aerospace applications like medical, furniture, industrial, and architectural applications among others.

    The range of hinges available include the

  • Butt Hinge, Flush Hinge, Ball Bearing Hinge, Case Hinge, Hospital Hinge, Strap Hinge, Pivot Hinge, Heavy Duty Hinge, and Olive Knuckle Hinge normally used for exterior applications.
  • The Double Action Spring, Butterfly Hinge, and Bi-fold Hinge are popular for interior applications.
  • The Détente Hinge, Concealed Hinge, T-Hinge, Ornamental Hinge, Barrel Hinge, Soss Hinge, Continuous Hinge, Flag Hinge, Take Apart Hinge, and the Knife Hinge are some other kinds of hinges available.
  • Sugatsune also deals in a variety of Handles, Dampers, Knobs, Pulls, Latches, Catches, Hinges, Locks, Brackets, Stays, Leveling Glides, Hooks, Door Track, Casters, Linear Guides, and Drawer Slides. Your material choices, needs and applications, and costs are always our concern at Sugatsune.

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