Concealed hinges, as the name indicates, are a type of hinge which can be placed in a way that hides their view from plain sight. Concealed hinges are also known as European hinges and originate in Europe.

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Concealed hinges are often used to achieve a seamless finish to furniture and doors where aesthetics are considered important. Concealed hinges have a number of useful features that have applications in hotels, luxury apartments and stores and places where aesthetics play an important role. They are mostly used in cabinets rather than doors for their aesthetic appeal.

Product Features

Concealed hinges are more popular than ordinary hinges as they have many useful features.

  • Better ease of use than ordinary hinges.
  • It is easy to make minor adjustments.
  • Resistant to wear-and-tear.
  • These can be repaired without being removed from the door or cabinet.

Types of concealed hinges and its application

There are three primary types of concealed hinges.

  • Full overlay: The full overlay is the most common form of this type of hinge that is mostly used in cabinets of all kinds.
  • Half overlay: The half overlay, as the name suggests, is only inserted in half the length.
  • Insert type: The insert hinge is glass friendly and is used in glass doors in various furniture.

Other sub-categories include a three-way concealed hinge and a heavy-duty concealed hinge.

Sugatsune as a concealed hinge manufacturer

Sugatsune is a stalwart in the hardware manufacturing arena. At Sugatsune, one can choose from a variety of concealed hinges that serve many purposes.

It has a wide range of hardware products to cater to any needs. Sugatsune specializes in concealed hinges of the highest quality. They are modeled in a bronze layer or a metallic coat or gold coat which gives a classy look. Sugatsune concealed hinges are eye-catching and resist wear-and-tear even after years of heavy usage. Choose Sugatsune for premium quality concealed hinges that offer value for money.

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