Industrial Hardware Products

Sugatsune was established in the year 1930 in Japan and since then has always had a formidable presence in the furniture hardware industry. Today, Sugatsune serves customers in as many as 30 different countries around the globe, including India.

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Over the years Sugatsune has become the first choice among engineers and consumers and the brand is synonymous with high quality and manages its powerful domain around the world due to its highly efficient distribution system. In 2015, Sugatsune began its venture to redefine the Indian furnishing hardware market. Since then, it has launched display centers in Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai.

Sugatsune offers cutting-edge products in several major categories such as:

  • Magnetic catchers
  • Door handles
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Stainless steel drawer slides
  • Invisible door hinges
  • Sliding door latches

Sugatsune is a leading manufacturer of cabinet hardware and maintains a high level of quality that is world-class.

Product Features

Architects, designers, and builders trust Sugatsune for their high quality and reliable hardware products. Sugatsune’s industrial hardware products offer the following useful features:

  • Made with high-quality steel for durability
  • Long lifespan
  • Variety and customizability for different requirements
  • Prevents damage from furnishing material

Sugatsune history & contribution to Industrial Hardware

Since Sugatsune was established in the year 1930 in Tokyo, Japan, it has contributed to the growth of the industrial hardware market as a whole by providing high-quality products and sharing technology. Sugatsune has shared technologies like Lapcon technology and other patented hardware with the world.

Sugatsune manufactures and supplies a wide range of industrial hardware products for different applications like consumer electronics, aircraft, and marine industries.

Sugatsune as a manufacturer of Industrial hardware and its special features

Sugatsune is a leading manufacturer of industrial hardware supplies around the world. It has a rich heritage of offering high-quality products which are long-lasting and tough. Investing in Sugatsune’s products means investing in industry-leading products. Invest in Sugatsune to get sturdy, efficient and functional products that are also aesthetically pleasing.

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