Stainless steel handles

1. Stainless steel handles and its uses.

Stainless steel is the best innovation in metal forging and in terms of materials for a variety of applications. Brass is not strong and costs more. If used as a door handle carbon-steel is not advisable as it is prone to rust. Many cheap handles coat the handle with brass or chromium to provide the anti-rust properties. Stainless steel is durable,strong, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, comes in a variety of designs and finishes, looks good and is more expensive. It is also a poor conductor of heat ideal for making pots, pans,kitchen equipment, container handles and much more.

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2. Types of stainless steel handles.

SS tubular handles are oven-safe and sturdy. The shank is tubular and allows air to flow in the body. A baffle prevents overheating the handle.
Cast SS handles are pre-molded, popular, robust, oven-safe, more durable, and available in many designs.

Cast Hollow-core SS steel handles allow air circulation and thus the handle stays cooler for longer periods of time. They have a range of up to 500 degrees F, are oven-safe, and heat resistant.

SS handles for kitchen equipment depend on the heat setting and distance from the heat source. Longer handles stay cooler, and proximity of the heat source reduces its resistance to over-heating.

Sugatsune as a manufacturer of stainless steel handles

Sugatsune has over 9 decades of experience in the manufacture of stainless steelhandles of diverse kinds. They score high when you need the best in quality and range.

3. With a Corporate office in Mumbai Sugatsune also specializes in Handles, Dampers,Knobs, Pulls, Latches, Catches, Hinges, Locks, Brackets, Stays, Leveling Glides, Hooks,Door Track, Casters, Linear Guides, and Drawer Slides.

These compatible with global standards high-quality hardware are used globally by renowned Aerospace manufacturers (Defense, Space, and Aviation), and for Non-Aerospace applications like medical, furniture, industrial, and architectural among others.

Contact them for all your hardware needs of global quality stainless steel handles for all applications.

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