Introduction to recessed handles and its uses.

Handles have been around for centuries. Recessed handles serve different purposes and are designed from that perspective. Much thought goes into designing the right handle that looks good, serves its function and does not snag when operated. A recessed handle is seamless, functional and can be made of materials and colors that match the décor and aesthetics.

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Handles have immense advantages. They can Reduce accidents by not protruding and snagging. Ex: On car exteriors, control panels Be designed to prevent unwanted access. Ex: Anti-theft handle-locks, child-proof door knobs.

  • Be Package handles to enable the carrying of heavy packages
  • Be Pull handles Ex: Hatches
  • Be Lift handles to lift objects like suitcases, boxes.

Types of recessed handles and its application

  1. The Knob is ideal where projections are not allowed. Ex: Switchboards, inspection ports etc.
  2. Large Recessed pulls are used where workmen may have to handle doors and containers with gloves on. Ex: special vehicles, large doors, ships, containers etc.
  3. The rounded type is compatible with acrylic doors and made from lead-free PVC.
  4. Pinch and Hook types with body and cup on doors, windows, cabinets etc.

Recessed handle manufactured by Sugatsune

Sugatsune Kogyo understands recessed handles like no other. They have been manufacturing them for nearly nine decades. Engineers, industrial-designers and large engineering industries rely on quality recessed hardware designed by Sugatsune for industrial applications.

Sugatsune with a Corporate office in Mumbai are market-leaders providing the best quality of Handles, Dampers, Knobs, Pulls, Latches, Catches, Hinges, Locks, Brackets, Stays, Leveling Glides, Hooks, Door Track, Casters, Linear Guides, and Drawer Slides. These compatible with global standards high-quality hardware are used globally by renowned Aerospace manufacturers (Defense, Space, and Aviation), and for Non-Aerospace applications like medical, furniture, industrial, and architectural among others.

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