Drawer slides are one of the most important components that affect how a person experiences a drawer when using it. Drawer slides are the channels on which the drawers open and close in the cavity.

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An analogy can be made comparing drawer slides to rail lines in that drawers run along with drawer slides and the smoothness or friction felt depend heavily on the quality of the drawer slides. Soft close drawer slides are a modern twist on the already innovative drawer slide technology that has played an important role in how a person experiences using a drawer. Some of the main features of soft close drawer slides are as follows:

  • Soft close drawer slides ensure that a drawer opens smoothly and shuts softly.
  • It prevents drawers from slamming shut or jutting forward forcibly.
  • The soft close mechanism comes in play to ensure the sustained shut in.
  • Soft close slides are made of stainless steel and are comprised of ball bearing sides in full extension.

Benefits of soft close drawer slides

Sugatsune delivers the best quality and industry-leading drawer slides that make using drawers effortless and smooth. Sugatsune’s drawer slides are apt for commercial and normal residential application.

They are available in multiple variants:

  • Full extension side mount drawer: The soft close full extension drawer slide prevents a drawer from slamming shut.
  • 3/4th extension stainless steel drawer: It is made with high-quality steel and extends outwards to 3/4th of the cavity space.

Sugatsune Soft close drawer slides are compatible with most drawers and cabinet varieties. They are smooth and continue to remain the same for years. Soft close slides enhance the overall experience of using a drawer and are appropriate for luxury settings like hotels, spas and businesses and even at home.

Sugatsune has the expertise to design and manufacture high-quality stainless steel drawer slide hardware. With the expertise cultivated under the pressure of time, Sugatsune has emerged as the first choice for various hardware supplies apart from soft close drawer slides.

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