Soft Close Hinges

Hinges are mechanical axles around which two parts of furniture are attached which then move at fixed angles. They are an integral part of furniture construction.

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Different types of Hinges and their application

Hinges come in different forms and have different applications. Some of them are:

  • Spring Hinges: Spring hinge helps in the movement of a hinge leaf with the pressure created from the spring
  • Concealed hinges: These are hinges that are hidden from view.
  • Barrel hinges: They operate as a pivot around a sectional barrel on a traditional wooden door.
  • Continuous hinges: These are also known as piano hinges which are employed along the length of the furniture and are used for heavy-duty doors.
  • Other Hinges: Sugatsune offers other hinges like glass hinges, case hinges, and butt hinges.

Sugatsune’s best-designed hinges

The right hinge ensures that the two pieces of the furniture are correctly aligned. Choosing the wrong type of hinge can lead to an incorrect movement of the furniture causing damage and decreasing the lifespan of the furniture. Using the right hinge also prevents a creaking sound from the door. Hinges can move only in a limited direction and are an integral part of furniture construction.

One of the best-designed hinges at Sugatsune is the soft close hinge which is a modern development in hinges. The soft close hinges prevent doors from slamming and allow it to close softly and carefully.

Product Features

Sugatsune’s hinges are high quality and innovative, the main features of such hinges are:

  • Durability and toughness
  • Made with high quality aluminum and steel
  • Precise and affordable
  • Prevents damage to doors for long-lasting furnishings

Sugatsune India is a one-stop option for various kinds of modern hinge solutions. Buyers can choose from an array of hardware options that are of top-notch quality. Our hinges are suitable for domestic as well as industrial purposes and come in a wide variety of options and features. Choose Sugatsune as your supplier of domestic and commercial hinges on the highest quality and latest innovations.

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