Get the maximum out of your storage drawers with Sugatsune!

In a modern day office or household, the humble drawer in a cupboard or table plays a very crucial role. The drawer is one of the most easy to manage elements in the entire furniture and fixture assembly that comes to a person’s rescue when it comes to storing things.

With time, the humble drawers too have started become smarter. Unlike earlier, when drawers either had no slides or had a simple ball bearing mechanism of some sort, today is the age of drawer slides. These drawer slides come in all shapes and sizes, with each having its own distinctive features and advantages.

We at Sugatsune Kogyo, have been leading this revolution from the front by making the humble looking drawer slides into one of the most important mechanism in the drawer assembly.

Generally, drawer slides come in three broad varieties – side mount type, centre mount type and under-mount type

As the name suggests, it is the position of the slide that decides its category. While all three of them have their unique features and advantages, it is the drawer slide extension that gives the drawer its unique advantage over a normal shelf.

Again, in any of the above cases, it is the drawer slide extension that decides the level of utility of the drawer. Depending upon its extension length, the drawer slides could be classified as 3/4th length, full length or over travel slides.

In a ¾ drawer slide, the drawer opens upto ¾th the length. While it is very economical to use such slides, it becomes difficult to store longer or bigger objects inside the drawer due to its restricted opening.

One of the most popular drawer slide type is the full extension. Here the drawer opens completely and the user can easily place or remove things with ease from such drawer.

While the third variety, over travel, extends beyond the length of the drawer, thus allowing the user to access the drawer/shelves below, it is also very costly and proves uneconomical in the long run.

Thus across the world the full-extension drawer slide remains the most used and most popular due to its ease of use and maintenance.

Established over 89 years ago in Japan, Sugatsune Kogyo is the world’s leading hardware manufacturer and supplier to industries like consumer electronics, marine engineering, aerospace, furniture etc. It has earned a lot of innovative firsts to its credit and today is acknowledged as one of the top makers of quality hardware across the world. Sugatsune Kogyo specialises in manufacture of hardware fittings and fixtures like Hinges, Lid Support & Small Cabinet systems, Cabinet & Shutter Door systems, Handles Pulls & Knobs, Hooks & Brackets, Catches, Latches & Fasteners, Locks, Levelling Glides & Base etc.

The owner of brands like LAMP and ZWIEL, the Indian arm of Sugatsune Kogyo started operations in 2015 and has an exclusive showroom in Mumbai. With over 1000 products in its portfolio, Sugatsune India has an elaborate network of distributors and retailers supplying to various manufacturing as well as aftermarket sector in the country.

True to its motto “Be Original” Sugatsune Kogyo it today synonymous with quality fixtures and fittings across the world.

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